Jimi Hendrix Night Light


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Jimi Hendrix Night Light made by HunkyDory Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each night light is about 3 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ inches square, is individually signed by the artist, includes a 4-watt bulb, and is shipped in a gift box. Because these are all handmade, there will be some slight image and color variations.

The glass is hand-cut layers melted or “fused” together in a kiln. The image is applied in a second firing using an iron oxide transfer process which literally melts the image into the glass. It is not a decal or decoupage. The iron in the toner is the only thing that isn’t vaporized in the kiln so it leaves behind the sepia (or rust) colored image.

The glass is semi-translucent so it creates a nice clear image during the day and at night allows the light to pass through the glass to illuminate the image along with the colored transparent glass used on the bottom layer.