Mile High Biggie Sticker


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Glossy coated Mile High Biggie Sticker vinyl sticker (3.5″ x 4.6″) designed by Adelina Gonzales.

Also known as That5280Lady, Gonzales is best known for her innovative and creative approach. With an extensive background in art, theater, music, and the rock & roll industry, she is both multidisciplinary artist and creative entrepreneur, most recently helping several local businesses with the creation of the new West Fax Art District. As a curator, event coordinator and consultant, she has worked with many local businesses and agencies to develop ongoing creative opportunities for local artists in the Denver metro area. As a visual artist, her concepts of combining recycled drum heads, vinyl records, lighting gel, and LED lights have sparked and created unique, never before seen concepts in the art world. With her passion for art and music, she strives to develop growth in younger minds, creatives of all genres, local businesses, and the community.


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