Psycho Up-cycled Fortune Wallet

The Goal of Humorandgrace is to spread good vibes and prosperity in a lightweight, minimalistic, recycled wallet that helps save the planet AND make a funny at the same time.


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Psycho up-cycled fortune wallet made by HumorAndGrace in Denver, CO. These up-cycled pop culture fortune wallets are handmade from VHS sleeves. Inside each wallet is a unique fortune, sewn inside during its making, that is revealed to its owner once the wallet has worn out. Until then enjoy the good fortunes!


How long will my wallet last?
The longest living wallet recorded is still alive and kicking, and is 8 yrs old. It really comes down to how you treat your things, and how determined you are to keep yours around.

How can I find out my fortune?
Once your wallet has sung its swan song, you can peel apart the layers and take the fortune inside. Delayed Gratification you cry? We know…


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